Reclamation and Revegetation

There are many areas and industries that require revegetation to meet reclamation objectives and criteria. Reclamation projects can range from low elevation hydro projects to high elevation mine sites. This diversity in local ecology, along with alternate disturbance types, requires a unique approach for successful revegetation. Tipi Mountain Native Plants has the ability to provide site specific native plant species to meet the individual needs of the buyer. By collecting seed from similar elevations and ecosystems, we can offer the best suited plants for a given site. We strive to mimic natural plant communities to give you a successful and diverse product.

Today, merely greening up a disturbed site is not enough to meet specified ecological requirements. Tipi Mountain Native Plants offers a diverse selection of plant species to meet the increasing biodiversity requirements of reclamation. Our expertise in native plants allows us to recommend which species are best suited for your project.

It can be difficult to establish vegetation post-disturbance. One reason for this is the degradation of soil structure and nutrients. To mitigate this issue, Tipi Mountain Native plants offers a variety of nitrogen-fixing native plant species. Some examples are mountain alder (Alnus incana), soopalallie (Shepherdia canadensis) and wolf-willow (Eleagnus commutata). These nitrogen-fixers help quick-start soil nutrients naturally, allowing less tolerant plant species to become established. From initial site establishment to diverse plant communities, Tipi Mountain Native Plants offers solutions for your revegetation needs.